About us

The microbiology group within the department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics, North-Eastern Hill University started with the initiation of the department in 2005 and research in microbiology laboratory is focused on varied and emerging trends in frontier areas of general and applied microbiology involving a wide array of microbes from North-East India, a bio-diversity hot-spot in itself. The laboratory, comprising of a group of young budding researchers aims in unraveling the yet little-understood hidden mysterious lifestyle of microbes and proposing future challenges in the frontier areas in the coming era.

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Thrust Areas

  • Endophytic microbes of medicinal plants
  • Dual-tolerant microbes
  • Microbiology of indigenous non-alcoholic traditional fermented foods
  • Microbial database creation: North-East India
  • Biogeoinformatics, Geomicrobiology and Cave-Microbiology

Deptt. of Biotech & Bioinformatics

Inaugurated on the 17th August, 2007

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